Spring Yin Yoga Immersion - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia

Spring Yin Yoga Immersion

Sunday 10 November 2019 - 9:30am to Noon

Your Yin Teacher, Jenny Warburton, is a passionate exponent of Yin Yoga! Jenny will be leading you through an infusion of revitalising Yin yoga postures to capture the rejuvenation of Spring, mindfully cleansing the mind, body and spirit making room for new beginnings! 
Her recent trainings with Sarah Powers in Thailand, and Karin Sang & Markus Geiss in New Zealand, will give us the opportunity to learn from the Insight Yoga Institute of Sarah & Ty Powers, as well as the Yin Yoga School of Paul Grilley with an emphasis on the meridians and chi energy for a Spring Yin Yoga practise.  
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season corresponds to different organs and their meridians — the subtle energy channels through which chi, prana flows. The liver and gall bladder are connected to the season of spring. The season of spring is also related to the element of wood. Spring is the beginning of the season cycle, a time of birth and new beginnings.
So while nature is transitioning from Winter to Spring, we will take the time to begin a little yin seasonal maintenance to “spring clean” stagnant chi energy, stimulating the outer and inner leg lines of the body which correlate to the meridians that feed into the liver and gall bladder organs. These organs tend to get overwhelmed and overloaded during winter with the extra socialising, larger meals and decreased exercise.
Strengthening the meridian system is essential for the health & vitality of our physical, mental and emotional body. Strengthening the ‘wood’ meridians gives us energy to shed old habits, old attachments and outdated beliefs and to move forward, to have vision, to plant new intentions that will ultimately grow your yoga journey, your health and wellbeing.
Value your yin qualities and come along and join Jenny to experience this profound therapeutic practise for yourself and feel immediate results of harmonising the body, mind and soul!

Venue: Pine Rivers Yoga Studio, Cashmere

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