Teachers - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia


Ruth Campbell (Dip IYTA,YA)

Ruth qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2001 after studying with the International Yoga Teachers Association. Since then she has continued her studies with Yoga for Health Australia gaining an intermediate level diploma in Yoga Therapy. She has also trained with Yoga Trinity in the principals of Ayurveda to enhance her Yoga therapy skills.

In 2010 Ruth continued her Yoga Education by attending an Intensive one month course with Master Teacher Nicky Knoff and qualified to teach the Discovery and Foundation levels of the Knoff Yoga Program.She is a Yoga Australia Registered Senior Teacher.

Pine Rivers Yoga runs an 18 month Yoga Teacher Training which is registered as a 350 hour course with Yoga Australia.  Ruth is the Principal trainer for the teacher trainees.

Ruth maintains a continuous approach to professional development having recently attended trainings with Heather Agnew of Yoga Trinity, Lance Schuler of Inspya Yoga and Flo Fenton of Intouch Yoga.

Yoga Australia

Her general teaching concentrates on the traditional approach to yoga of strengthening the body to calm the mind, and to improve the overall sense of well-being that comes from a happy mind in a healthy body. She believes that yoga and meditation are great tools for dealing with all of life’s challenges.

Ruth’s students come to yoga for many different reasons. She caters for the elderly; for sportspeople needing particular strengthening or flexibility; for people with back pain or injuries; for those recovering from illness; for mothers during pregnancy or after giving birth; and for many people looking for a safe physical practice that offers the additional benefits of releasing stress through focused relaxation. Yoga is indeed for Every Body.

Jenny Warburton (Dip PRY, Level 2 Intouch Yoga)

Jenny Warburton

Jenny is a Yoga Australia Registered Level 1 Teacher, initially qualifying as a yoga teacher through Pine Rivers Yoga in 2011, and has been studying ever since; gaining special qualifications in Yoga for Prenatal & Birth and Yoga for Postnatal and Infants; and has since been teaching Prenatal/Restorative Iyengar/ Hatha yoga style classes catering for women during all stages of pregnancy and for those requiring a peaceful, rejuvenating and supported restorative practice that will leave them feeling refreshed! ....making use of every yoga prop available in the Pine Rivers Studio!

Having the opportunity to work with like minded teachers at Pine Rivers Yoga, Jenny has been teaching a variety of classes including Beginners, Yoga for Sport, Yoga for Minis, Retirees and Yoga Therapy Groups; as well as the weekly Prenatal /Restorative and Easy Multi Level classes.

Jenny is passionate about the holistic principles of yoga – where ultimately the body is linked to the movement, mind and breath to bring about a feeling of relaxation, balance and harmony. These principles were firmly and deeply imbedded with the completion of Level 2 Teacher Training studies in April 2015, to expand her Yoga Therapy skills with the very knowledgeable Flo Fenton of Intouch Yoga.

For the past few years, Jenny has continued her yoga teacher training journey obtaining a Certificate of Teaching Discovery Level, Chair Yoga and Inversions with inspirational Master Teacher Nicky Knoff of the Knoff Yoga Program.
Having a passion to bring the benefits of yoga to the younger members of the community, Jenny has completed Zenergy Kids Teacher Training Foundation, Advanced and Yoga Therapy for Kids, with Loraine Rushton of Zenergy Yoga.
In 2014, Jenny completed her practicum for Yoga, Scoliosis and Backcare Training for Yoga Teachers and Students with Narelle Carter-Quinlan, of Yoga Body Torque, Brisbane.

Yoga AustraliaWith an addiction to yoga and her love of knowledge, Jenny has also attended many yoga workshops conducted by well known; and highly skilled yoga teachers including the teachers from Inspya Yoga, Knoff Yoga, Intouch Yoga and the Ashtanga series of practice.

Jenny has also just recently completed a 50-hour yin yoga teacher training course with  renowned teachers Markus Giess and Karin Sang of Yin Therapy. Yin Yoga is an ancient yoga form of prevention from disease and injury - to keep the body and mind in balance. It is a meditative slow-paced class that explores long, deep stretching of connective tissue; stimulating and moistening fascia tissue (after a yin practice there in more water content within the tissues). Yin yoga will complement and improve your regular yang or Hatha yoga practice.

Jenny’s yoga journey is to bring you to the yoga mat, to experience yoga! - whether that for you is a demanding fitness routine, a gentle form of exercise, a spiritual experience or just a sense of wellbeing! The wonderful thing is that when you experience yoga for yourself, you will see amazing, immediate results...thus harmonising the body, mind and soul!

Michelle Trost (Dip PRY)

Michelle, a Yoga Australia Registered Level 1 Teacher, discovered Yoga after knee and joint injuries forced her to give up Basketball and Running.  She wanted to find an alternative to the continuous high impact of her chosen sports and decided to investigate the practice of Yoga.

As a mother of four, Registered nurse and shift worker, Michelle's leisure time was limited. However, she committed herself to regular yoga practice and found this so beneficial that she decided to complete a Teacher Training course with Pine Rivers Yoga in 2009. As a qualified yoga teacher Michelle has expanded her Yoga education by doing workshops with American Anusara yoga teachers, Betsy Downing and BJ Galvin and Noah Maze. In 2011, she completed the Anusara Immersions 1,2,3 taught by Julie Smerdon. She has also practiced extensively with Flo Fenton and Linda Jenkin. Michelle completed Chair Yoga as well as Inversions Training from the Knoff Yoga program with International teacher Nicky Knoff.

She is an accomplished Yogi who competently teaches general hatha yoga to all levels of students.

Fiona Clifford (Dip PRY)

The seed for Fiona’s yoga passion was planted at the age of 16 when she first began practicing yoga. Her practice was intermittent at first, but she kept finding herself being drawn back to it. Her desire to practice increased during her pregnancies where she noted the physical benefits in preparing her changing body as well as the breath practice she developed to assist with labour and pain management.  As a mother of two young children, she then enjoyed the opportunity yoga provided to focus on herself, nourishing her physical body and her baby brain! And after that she was hooked.

While dealing with a chronic illness for many years and battling through a stressful job, in 2015, Fiona made the decision to focus on her own health and wellbeing. This sparked the idea of teacher training and ultimately led to her completing her 350 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in 2016.

After persevering with her own physical limitations and pain with the help of yoga, Fiona has a passion for helping others unlock the full potential of their own bodies and minds. She has discovered a deeper understanding of the human body and its energy systems which she enjoys incorporating into her classes.

Fiona has specialist training in Prenatal Yoga as well as Children’s Yoga and you may just find some playful elements added into her ”big kids” classes! Fiona aims to provide an enjoyable, thorough and refreshing class to her students (with a touch of fun) and she looks forward to sharing her time and energy with you. 

Kylie Hutchings (Dip PRY)  

Kylie’s yoga path began in 2011 when she attended a local class on a social outing. But it wasn’t long before she realised she’d stumbled on to something wonderful.

As a mother of four, Kylie understands the demands associated with trying to be everything to everyone and the need to make the time spent on your mat count.
Wanting to share this beneficial practice with family and friends found Kylie completing 350 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at Pine Rivers Yoga in 2016.

She now enjoys sharing the passion she has for her own yogic life with her students.  She is an advocate for using yoga as a whole body practice, balancing mind, body and breath, and enjoys a well-rounded practice with a mixture of dynamic vinyasa flows, slower alignment based asana, breath and relaxation practices.

Kylie has also completed 30 hours of specialist study in Healthy Ageing through yoga and is always developing this knowledge through the teaching of her elderly students. She is especially passionate about the many benefits yoga can bring to assist us all in ageing well.

Kylie enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals in the local Yoga community and looks forward to helping you along your yoga journey, no matter what stage you’re at.

Jill Button (Dip PRY)

Naturally finding the mat was not how Jill became a Yogi!  In her younger years, she deemed Yoga too slow for both body and mind.  After years in Gym’s, feeding a running addiction, and living a very busy Corporate life, she recognised her body wasn’t coping with the day to day as well as it used to.  Mentally she was running faster than physically and she needed to find a way to slow things down. 

Attempting Yoga again, the gentleness and focused breathing practices this time offered space and healing in her life.  

So taken by the benefits she was experiencing, and already a part-time Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor, Jill saw an opportunity for Yoga to complement her teachings and in 2017 she completed Teacher Training with Pine Rivers Yoga. 

While recognising that movement and fitness does not come naturally to everyone, Jill looks to promote functional fitness, particularly as we age, and to this end has undertaken specialist study in Healthy Ageing through Yoga.  As a teacher, her aim is to help you build confidence, strength and resilience in both body and mind.  While always Yang at heart, her personal struggle to find and appreciate the Yin in life will forever be a work in progress.  

She looks forward to working with others, at their level, and passing on the benefits of the ancient art of Yoga. 

Nicola Smith (Dip PRY)

Nicola first encountered yoga in her early twenties and enjoyed the physical challenge although not as much as she appreciated the beautiful feeling of calm that she left each class with. To begin with her practice was sporadic but after the birth of her child and returning to Australia from an extended period overseas, she decided to come back to the practice. It was then that she encountered Pine Rivers Yoga, starting with a beginner’s course before going on to attend classes regularly.

Yoga quickly became an important part of Nicola’s life, providing a space for both physical and mental release that were so needed as a mother to a young child. Looking to change her direction in life and passionate about holistic health, Nicola undertook studies in natural therapies before eventually deciding that she wished to share yoga with others by qualifying as a yoga teacher. Nicola undertook an 18-month teacher training program with Pine Rivers Yoga which she completed in 2017. She is now a Yoga Australia Registered Level 1 teacher and has undertaken specialist study in Yin Yoga.

As her journey as a yoga teacher begins, Nicola is looking to extend her knowledge of the natural movements of the human body by beginning a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2018. She is passionate about the physical and mental benefits of yoga as well as its adaptability to those of all levels of fitness and ability and looks forward to sharing these benefits with others.

Hannah Honnef (Dip PRY)

Hannah's Yoga journey began at one of her lowest points. She had been in hospital for the majority of 2 years with depression and anxiety, self-harm and an eating disorder. 

Therapy didn't work, medications didn't help, she even had multiple rounds of ECT (electro conclusive therapy). 

Hannah had just about lost hope when she found Pine Rivers Yoga and attended a Yoga Therapy session with Ruth. Within 10 minutes, Hannah was hooked and knew she had found something very powerful. It was a tough journey, but through daily practice of Asana (yoga poses) and Pranayama (breathing practices) things started to look up and within weeks she had been discharged from hospital. She hasn't looked back since.

To deepen her practice, Hannah started the PRY teacher training program and fell in love with yoga philosophy and found overwhelming peace and wellbeing through meditation. Hannah completed her 350hr training in 2016 including subjects in Yoga Psychology, Yoga for Healthy Aging and Meditation.

Afterwards, she travelled to India where she met her Guru and deepened her understanding and practise of meditation. Hannah is now teaching yoga and meditation classes and is currently studying a Diploma of Holistic Counselling. She is especially passionate about the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the practice and loves being able to provide guidance to and make space for others to also find more peace and joy in their lives. 

Calum Campbell (Dip IYTA)

Calum began to practice yoga in 1997 and qualified as a teacher of yoga through the International Yoga Teachers Association in 2003.

A keen cyclist (road and off-road),  Calum is interested in using yoga to enable people to continue with sports and active hobbies after injury or because they are simply getting older.

He has personal experience of managing severe spinal degeneration and sciatic nerve entrapment through daily practice of yoga asana (postures) and breathing.  

Calum currently teaches small groups of beginners and assists with posture alignment in general yoga classes. He also instructs at the Albany Creek Retirement Centre working with older students some of whom are in their late 80s.