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Restorative Yoga

Become the best version of yourself and settle into an afternoon of Restorative yoga.

This restful practice of yoga gives your mind and body an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world creating the space and time to restore and rebalance your nervous system. Over the 2.5 hour practice Heidi will take you through a sequence of poses that will allow you to slow down, detach and experience a deep sense of relaxation and contentment.

Each pose is fully supported with props (bolsters, blocks and blankets). There is no stretching or doing, allowing your body to find its most comfortable and content place.

Through slowing down the breath, creating deeper and more rhythmic breathing patterns, and most importantly, taking the time to actively rest, restorative yoga may lower cortisol, relieve muscle tightness, assist with fatigue and insomnia, stabilise blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

The practice will conclude with a guided Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), creating an opportunity to deeply relax and turn your senses inward before slowly connecting again with the outside world.

Restorative yoga is a practice that promotes calm and space for every participant. In order to achieve this, and provide you with the best possible experience, we strictly limit numbers to 12 people per class. Restorative places fill quickly so please don't delay reserving your place.

About Your Teacher

Heidi is a qualified Yoga Australia teacher who trained with Ruth Campbell at Pine Rivers Yoga. She specialised in Restorative Yoga by training with Marian Cavanagh who is certified by one the world's leading authorities in restorative yoga, Judith Lasater.

Heidi is passionate about the benefits of slowing down and finding time and space to rejuvenate. She looks forward to offering you her guidance and experience. She has recently developed a Yoga Teacher Training course and is becoming well known in the field of Restorative Yoga in particular in relation to working with the nervous system.  

Upcoming Dates for 2024

Restorative Classes: 2pm - 4:30pm. 2.5 hours Restorative Poses and Yoga Nidra.

2 Jun 4 Aug 13 Oct 8 Dec

How to Book

Venue: Pine Rivers Yoga Studio, Cashmere

Booking: secure your place with payment via our shop. Please note that Pine Rivers Yoga class passes cannot be substituted. Cancellation Policy.

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