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Teacher Training & Yoga Immersion

An immersion in the principles of yoga leading to the skills required to teach yoga. 

Study at the “retreat style” setting of the Pine Rivers Yoga studio, nestled in tranquil bushland in Cashmere. Feel at peace with your surrounds and immerse yourself in the ancient art of Yoga whilst gaining your teaching qualification. 

Your principal supervising trainer is Ruth Campbell, a Registered Senior Teacher and trainer with Yoga Australia. Ruth is supported by highly experienced Trainers for specific subject areas and also 3 of our own graduates, Heidi Richards, Nicola Smith and Melinda Felder.Nicola & Heidi

Heidi has recently completed a 2 year Yoga Therapy training, is a qualified meditation teacher, a qualified Restorative Yoga teacher and is now studying for a Masters in Counselling. 

Heidi will be looking after the Philsophy side of our course. She is a registered Yoga Australia member (5 years as a yoga teacher, 500 hours plus of training and 500 hours of teaching experience).

Nicola has done a Physiotherapy training and is our in-house Anatomy expert. She has a deep knowledge of anatomy, and physiology and has also recently completed a 120 hour meditation training.

Nicola is also a registered YA level 2 teacher.

Melinda is our in-house yoga for Beginners teacher and has worked with many "beginner students." She will be assisting Ruth on the TMelindaeaching Methodology side of the course and her deep experience brings extensive knowledge to this subject. 

Join us for a journey of exploration into the 8 limbs of yoga. Enjoy the process of this ancient philosophy grounded in modern day life. Find connection with your fellow students in learning how Yoga is a tool for living well. 

This course evolves through the physical practice of yoga to the moral and ethical standards that the ancient yogis used to keep themselves "on-track".

You do not have to be 'great' at physical yoga to benefit from this training. We learn the techniques of effective breathing (pranayama) and study the fascinating material of the Yoga Sutras, the Energy Systems of the Body, Anatomy and Physiology, the benefits of Meditation, and the Methodolgy and Techniques needed to pass this information effectively on to others.

This Immersion and Teacher Training offers 16 days of face to face training in the well equipped and beautiful setting of Pine Rivers Yoga with dates listed below.

The course is open to any student who has had some yoga experience (12 months of classes preferred).  It is suitable for both students who may wish to teach yoga and also will suit those who simply want to know more about this exceptional subject.

In addition to the mandatory contact hours, students need to complete assignments, study yoga for the ageing population and become familiar with using yoga as a therapeutic practice.. 

Current First Aid Certification is also a requirement before completion of the course.

200 hours of training enables students to apply for insurance to become a yoga teacher.

The Subject Material for this training includes:
>    History and Traditions of Yoga, including Ethics and Lifestyle
>    Philosophy including Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga and the Yoga Sutras
>    Principles of practice
>    Yogic Physiology including the Yogic Energy System of the Body
>    Yoga Anatomy and its relationship to Energy, Alignment and Bodily Systems
>    Pranayama (Breathing Practices)
>    Yoga techniques incl: Asana, Bandha, Mudras, Mantra, Relaxation & Meditation
>    Yoga Asana and its related Teaching Methodology and Skills, including the use of Sanskrit

Practical Teaching Application is an important part of this training, however, it is not necessarily the only reason students of yoga wish to take on some more in depth study of this vast subject. If you do not want to teach yoga but do want to increase your knowledge and understanding, this course offers plenty of insights into yoga and the study of the "Self."   

Contact Ruth if you're interested in finding out more or email the completed Registration Form to Ruth.

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200 hour Training Dates 2024

3 Mar 17 Mar 21 Apr 28 Apr 19 May 26 May 9 Jun 23 Jun 21 Jul
28 Jul 11 Aug 24 Aug 25 Sep 29 Sep 20 Oct 27 Oct 3 Nov  

24/25 August weekend is Yoga for Healthy Ageing training with Liz Williams and Ruth Campbell.

The Tree of the Teacher

I’m a tree which stands by the path you tread

If you can learn something from me stay awhile

I cannot take you my way because my roots are in my own piece of ground

And my branches reach up to my own personal sky.

If you wish to lean against me for a time and warm yourself in the sun filtering through my leaves

Then share my stillness and become one with me.

But do not stay too long or part of you will become lost within me

Do not take one of my branches to use as a prop

for even I am unaware which are strong and which are weak.

In looking at me reflect on what you do not know and make it your own truth

I will not impede the path you tread but I hope to help you to make your journey worthwhile.

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