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This is a service for Pine Rivers Yoga students with all clothing and equipment delivered in class. All products include GST unless otherwise stated. Click on the product names, or their images, for detailed descriptions of the products. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Checkout.

Class Pass

Casual Class Fee - Adult

Pay for one or more single classes.  Consider a 6 or 12 Class Pass which offer classes at a discounted rate to the single class pass.

6 Class Pass - Adult

Attend any 6 classes (excluding workshops). Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Save $3.50 per class. How class passes work.

12 Class Pass - Adult

Attend any 12 classes (excluding workshops). Save $5.00 per class.
Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.  How class passes work.

Yoga Therapy Class Fee

For yoga therapy students for use in yoga therapy class by appointment.

Casual Hatha Yoga class- School Age 12-16 years

Pay for one or more single classes. Children aged 12-16 must attend with a guardian.

Consider a 10 Class Pass which offer classes at a discounted rate to the single class fee.

Please note that adult classes are not suitable for children under 12 years. Please respect the rest of the class and do not assume that it is all right for them to join in.

10 Class Pass - School Age 12-16 years

Attend any 10 classes (excluding workshops). Save $2.00 per class.
Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.  How class passes work.



8 Aug-12 Sep 2017 Beginners Course

A 6 session course for Beginners: Tuesdays 6.30pm - 8.00pm.  More Info

A receipt is emailed to you upon payment. Bookings close 3 August 2017 or when booked out.

If booking in others please list their names in Notes at the checkout.

Healthy Ageing Through Yoga Course Level 2

Booking deadline 1 August 2017. Details



19-20 August 2017 Functional Anatomy Workshop

When you understand how your body moves and functions, you can appreciate the elements and benefits of a pose. More Details.

25 June 2017: Yin Yoga Immersion

Yin Yoga Immersion with Jenny. Sunday 25 JUNE 2017 9am-11.30am. Details

13 Aug 2017: Winter Yin Workshop

Winter Yin - Restore and Rejuvenate with guest Yin teacher Nic Matthews. Sunday 13 August 2017 10am - 1pm. Details

9 Sep 2017: Spring Yin Workshop

Spring Yin - Energise and Nourish with Jenny. Saturday 9th September 2017 10.00am - 3.30pm. Fee includes lunch. Details

5 Nov 2017: Yin Yoga Immersion

Yin Yoga Immersion with Ashlee. Sunday 5 November 2017 9am-11.30am. Details

Full Weekend 11-12 Nov 2017 All About Inversions

Learn the benefits of inversions and how to engage your bandhas and core muscles to invert with improved strength. More details.

Saturday 11 Nov 2017 All About Inversions

Saturday only option. More details.

Sunday 12 Nov 2017 All About Inversions

Sunday only option. More details


Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy Plan

A 90 minute session to develop a Yoga Therapy plan for individual students. Refer Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy Session

A 60 minute individual yoga therapy session. Suitable for someone recovering from injury or is limited by pain or tension and requires complete individual attention.



Jade Harmony Mat - Long & Wide

Long and wide comfortable mats. Excellent quality made from dried natural rubber tree material with a strong internal mesh providing great non slip properties.

188cm x 71cm x 5mm. 2.8kg. Colours: Olive Green.

Jade Harmony Mat - Extra Long & Extra Wide

Extra long and extra wide comfortable mat. Excellent quality made from dried natural rubber tree material with a strong internal mesh providing great non slip properties.
203cm long x 71cm wide x 5mm thick. 3kg. Colour: Olive Green only at present.

Non-Slip Mat with Cushion Back
Good length and width for most students and offers an alternative price tier to the Jade range.  Absorbent surface excellent for our warmer climate.  Thick yoga mat with a non-slip firm foam side and a smooth polyurethane side.
185cm x 66cm x 5mm. 2.25kg.  Colour: Mint Green
Studio Yoga Mat

Our extra long Studio Yoga Mat provides a beautiful balance between traction and cushion to ensure you have both grip and support while practising. Highly durable and reliable. 

Dimenisons: 200cm x 60cm x 6mm Colour:  Charcoal

Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Our stylish roomy Organic Cotton Tote Yoga Mat Bag now comes in our cheerful patterned range. There is room for your mat, towel, block, strap and more and is all you need for your indispensable yoga props. This bag fits most yoga mat sizes and closes with a sturdy full length zip.

Length: 73cm, Height: 15cm, Width: 22cm

Avaliable Patterns : Navy Japanese Tree, Blue/Grey Elephant, Natural Feather Leaves,  Grey/Yellow Diamond, Olive Organic Check, Teal Dragonfly, Forest Green

Yoga Mat Bag

The bag is made from natural organic cotton (no chemical sprays used in the production of the cotton) and has a large outer zippered pocket, a concealed inside pocket, and an adjustable cotton carry strap and drawcord.

Length: 70cm, Width: 30cm


Organic cotton with a zippered, washable 100% organic cotton cover. 75cm x 22cm. Designed to maintain their shape. Assorted plain and printed colours.

Meditation cushion

Rectangular zafu meditation cushions are 100% organic cotton twill fabric. Filled with organic cotton. Lightweight but firm. Removable, hand-washable cover, and a built in carry handle for easy transport. 37cm x 23cm x 11cm. Variety of plain and print designs.

Yoga Blocks

Highest-density, square-finished yoga blocks strong enough for supported whole body weight.
Coming soon - still in transit - please contact Ruth

2.4 metre yoga belt

2.4 metres long, durable and strong cotton webbing featuring solid double D ring fasteners. Available in Blue. 

Folding Meditation Stools

Promotes good posture for longer, more comfortable meditation. Takes the pressure off the knees. Folds for easy portability.

Eye Pillow - plain coloured silk

Silk eye pillows are a luxurious source of relief after a busy day or relaxing at the end of a yoga session, with a filling of flax and dried lavender encased in 100% silk. The flax seeds work to block out light, the shape and texture creates a gentle pressure on the eyelids and the hint of fragrance gives a further relaxing effect.

Dimensions: 24 x 9 cm. A variety of colours are usually available.

Eye Pillow - patterned silk


Same as plain silk except in patterned fabric. Dimensions: 24 x 9 cm. A variety of patterns are usually available.



Magnesium Flakes 2kg

Magnesium has been shown to relieve sore, aching muscles and joints.   Absorbing magnesium directly into the skin through soaking the dissoved flakes into a warm bath, is an effective and natural way to increase levels of magnesium in the body.  Magnesium is a mineral that is often lacking as our soil becomes depleted and stressful lifestyles drain our bodies of this natural mineral.

Epsom Salt 1kg

Epsom Salts have various uses from using to aid in rejuvinating the body. the salt soaks into your skin and helps joint inflammation, relieve aches, tension in muscles and alieviate pain in headaches.

Salt Lamp Large

No salt lamps are the same as they are all unique in their shapes and sizes. These lamps are used as a beautiful ambience and are used as an organic light source in any room. Salt Lamps have been shown to help with blood flow, improve sleep and help increase levels of serotonin in which helps relax your body and your mind.

Salt Lamp Small

The perfect salt lamp for the bedroom.  Ideal size for a bedside table or to sit beside the computer in your office.

Salt Lamp Mini

Salt lamps are all unique in their shapes and sizes. These lamps create a beautiful ambience and can be used as an organic light source in any room. Salt Lamps have been shown to help with blood flow, improve sleep and increase levels of serotonin which can aid relaxation. 

Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

Made from natural crystal salt sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. These lamps are said to enhance air quality and help provide relief from asthma and allergies. They are practical and atmospheric, making a beautiful addition to the aesthetics of a room. 



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Yin Yoga Immersion 25th June with Jenny - Sunday 25th June 2017
Winter Yin - Restore & Rejuvenate with guest Yin teacher Nic Matthews - Sunday 13th August 2017
Functional Anatomy with Caroline Stuart - Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th August 2017
Healthy Ageing Level 2 Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th August 2017
Spring Yin - Energise & Nourish a full day retreat with Jenny - Saturday 9th September 2017
Yin Yoga Immersion 5th November with Ashlee - Sunday 5th November 2017
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