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Guest Teacher Bios

Flo Fenton

Flo has been practising yoga since 1991, and teaching since 1997. Since the early 1990s Flo has studied Iyengar yoga with Glenn Ceresoli as well as the Sydney Yoga Centre. In 1999 she completed the Yoga Arts Nine-Month teacher training intensive with Louise Sear in Byron Bay. Flo has continued her studies with Dena Weisman (nee Kingsberg), Matthew Sweeney, Clive Sheridan, and the Satyananda Yoga Academy and is currently studying Yoga Therapy at post graduate level with the Vinniyoga Healing Foundation.

Flo focuses on finding our natural ease within the postures, and on cultivating an ever deepening awareness of the relationship between the body, the breath, and our state of mind. She teaches precise awareness of alignment in the postures, through the medium of graceful, flowing sequences in synchrony with the breath. Her style is both meditative and enlivening, balancing the active and the passive sides of our nature. As we focus within, developing the capacity to witness ourselves, the sessions themselves become a form of Yoga Therapy, which flows out into our lives beyond the class-room.

Flo is a regular contributor to Australian Yoga Life magazine, and writes the regular 'Yoga Matters' segment for Nature and Health magazine. She is currently registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest possible level of teaching experience, ERYT-500, and a Registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and a qualifed Yoga Therapist with the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT).

Intouch Yoga Byron Bay

Marian Cavanagh

Marian teaches a flowing style of yoga that nurtures, energises and deeply relaxes the body and mind. The aim of her classes is to help you find energy and joy in your practice, to feel the connection between your body, mind, breath and spirit, and to understand yourself more deeply through your practice.

Classes begin with a focus on the breath, and we then flow from pose to pose, gradually warming up. We then move into energising sequences and deeply held poses to build energy, strength and flexibility. Each class concludes with deep relaxation and pranayama to balance and revitalise both body and mind.
Marian trained in the Radiant Light style of yoga, an uplifting balance of dynamic flowing sequences and nurturing poses, designed to bring ease of movement to the body and relaxed focus to the mind. Through an awareness of the breath, this style energises while developing a feeling of balance and peace within. Marian feels deeply blessed to be able to share what she has learnt from her teachers Akash and Adam.
Marian has completed both Level 1 and Level 2 yoga teacher training, and has full membership with Yoga Australia.

Liz Williams

Liz started her practice of Yoga in 1974 and has maintained regular practice ever since. In 2015, she completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and will upgrade this qualification in 2020.

She has worked as a Registered Nurse since 1974 and has focused on Aged Care. She has worked as a Nurse Educator and a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Aged Care.

In 2010, she obtained a Masters of Clinical Science: Aged Care and Healthy Ageing from the Southern Cross University NSW. For the past 5 years, she has been a Nurse educator for undergraduate nurses. 

In September 2019, Liz completed the Certificate in Yoga for Healthy Ageing training at Kripula (USA) lead by Baxter Bell, a medical officer with extensive experience in Healthy Aging and Yoga.

Nursing the older population, it became obvious, the difference that an active lifestyle and positive attitude made to maintaining independence and recovering from ill health. This sparked Liz's interest in studying how to remain as healthy as possible as we age.

Liz has worked with physiotherapists by getting the older patients as independent as possible to return home. Also working on Fall Prevention interventions, and strength building activities. 

Liz noticed that a lot of the exercises were very like yoga asanas which prompted her to research healthy ageing. The consensus is that healthy ageing requires physical activity that will maintain independence, and the development of a positive and stress reducing mind set. These are all combined in the practice of yoga.

Special Australia Day Public Holiday class 9:30am this Monday (27 Jan). All other Monday classes cancelled.
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