Class Levels - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia

Class Levels


After your beginners course you may wish to extend your yoga experience with more detailed instruction and assistance before choosing some of our other regular classes.

This class is open for anyone to attend, and is taught at a slower pace than our general multi level classes. 

Easy Multi Level

The Easy Multi Level classes are suitable for men and women, of any age and any level of fitness with little or no experience of yoga. Yoga props are used to assist those who have limited flexibility or any kind of injury. The classes provide a foundation for the development of a regular yoga practice.

Anyone who has not taken any exercise for sometime and wishes to start a very gentle practice to cope with injuries, lack of fitness or anxiety are very welcome.

Multi Level

Multi Level classes are suitable for anyone with some yoga experience. You do not have to be fit, strong or flexible to attend.

If you are new to yoga we recommend you first join one of our 6 week Beginners courses to acquire the basic background required in a multi level class.

Different levels of work are offered to suit the variety of experience and ability of the students in the class allowing alternatives that will suit your body best on the day.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate classes assume that students have an understanding of basic poses and maintain a regular practice. Classes include a stronger practice with inversions, arm balances, backbends and Sun Salutations.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a class that offers a range of standard Hatha poses combining breathing exercises and longer hold Restorative poses promoting a quiet mind with physical relaxation.

Suitable for all levels though particularly focused on recovering or limiting injuries. Designed to maintain strength and flexibility while ensuring the relaxation required at the end of a week. 

Alignment Based Yoga

Alignment based yoga is not about doing perfect postures, but it IS about adapting our bodies to unravel the stresses and compression in our bodies that prevent the flow of our energy.  To fully benefit from our yoga practice we need to "unlearn" the habits of our bodies that lead to fatigue, stress and sometimes pain. Michelle has been trained by the Knoff Yoga School to present a class that offers precision without tension, based on movements and breath practise that strengthen the core muscles of postural support.   This way of teaching can offer lasting change to improve the strength and comfort of the physical body while accessing our vital life energy and a more peaceful state of mind.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a meditative slow-paced class that explores long, deep stretching of connective tissue of the spine, the hips and the pelvis to stimulate and enhance healing, joint mobility and improve flexibility.  It is a perfect solution to our busy stressful lifestyles and our monkey minds! It is a yoga practice that will improve your regular Hatha practice, so we invite you to come along to experience yin yoga for yourself; and feel the amazing, immediate results ....thus harmonising the body, mind and soul!

Yoga for Back Care

Lower back pain is one of the most common forms of pain in the world today, due to many causes - from long hours of sitting, shortened hamstrings, misalignment of the hips and over use of the lower back.

Many of us have some form of "functional scoliosis", which can result simply from carrying heavy books, a baby or other heavy objects always on the same side of your body, and this affects the muscles along the spine which result in poor posture and back pain.

Yoga for back care practice is incorporated into our Wednesday easy multi level class conducted by a teacher specially trained in yoga for back care. The class incorporates the physical postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to lengthen your spine to release tension in the muscles and create more space and mobility between the vertebrae. This practice aims to strengthen weak muscles, stretch tightened muscles, increase the mobility and stability of the spine, strengthen core abdominal muscles, as well as the arms and legs, align uneven hips, balance shoulders and the upper body; creating a better posture, less pain and an overall improved quality of living.

Restorative and Prenatal Yoga

Restorative and Prenatal yoga is incorporated into the Saturday morning easy multi level class.

Restorative Yoga is for the mind and body. It relieves fatigue and stress; promotes well being and brings healing balance into your life.
Restorative Yoga is based on a practice for pregnancy and post natal students and is suitable for any student wanting gentle yoga stretching and breath awareness. Through the use of props, poses are held restfully and comfortably to allow the breath, body, mind and spirit to open.
Restorative Yoga is an effective way to bring balance to overstimulated nerves and ease chronic tension. The spine is gently released in all directions; the nervous system eventually calms, bringing the mental and emotional bodies.

Prenatal yoga is an ideal preparation for the birth of your child and assists the new Mum to  stay strong, flexible and calm. The muscles are prepared by the yoga to do their job efficiently in labour. Yoga can also alleviate the discomforts caused by pregnancy. It is an ideal class for any stage of pregnancy (however, we recommend that you just rest from weeks 11 to 14) and from 6 weeks after birth.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the perfect introduction to yoga for anyone recovering from injury or those limited by pain or tension.

By keeping the class size very small, the student has the benefit of individual attention and yoga techniques are adapted to meet their needs and capabilities appropriate for the way they feel physically, emotionally and mentally on that day.