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Pine Rivers Yoga

Pine Rivers Yoga has been offering Hatha Yoga classes in the Pine Rivers Region and Northern suburbs of Brisbane since 2001. It is a practice of Yoga that follows the path of physical well-being and mental calm. The systematized body of knowledge that is Yoga represents the world’s oldest method for improving our health and well-being.

Joining a yoga class is as valuable today as it was when Yoga was first discovered 4000 years ago: by linking practices which connect the mind and the body, hatha yoga seeks to create strength, vitality and peace of mind in anyone who commits to a regular practice.

Pine Rivers Yoga has classes to suit all ages, levels of fitness and flexibility. 

Our aim is to make Yoga accessible to "every body"  in our local area.

Hatha Yoga

The practice of Hatha Yoga as taught by Pine Rivers Yoga includes 

  • “asana” (strengthening and flexibility postures) 
  • “pranayama” (breathing exercises)
  • some practice of meditation and mind control
  • a period of guided relaxation

The teachers at Pine Rivers Yoga have been influenced by a number of different traditions and practices, in particular that of B.K.S Iyengar (Iyengar Yoga),  Knoff Yoga with Master teacher Nicky Knoff,  Anusara Yoga,  Inspya Yoga with Lance Schuler and the work of Judith Hanson  Lasater and her application of Therapeutic Yoga. We also acknowledge the dedicated work of  Flo Fenton and Linda Jenkin who regularly visit our studio to run workshops and classes.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 1 - 3 Oct with Ruth, Heidi & Victoria
Yoga for Beginners Tue 4 Oct - 6 Dec at Pendicup Centre, WARNER
Progressive Beginners Wed 5 Oct - 7 Dec with Heidi
Yoga for Beginners Thu 6 Oct - 8 Dec at Bray Hall, PETRIE
Restorative Yoga Sun 6 Nov with Heidi
Yin Yoga Immersion Sun 20 Nov with Cherrie
Restorative Yoga Sun 18 Dec with Heidi
Mon 7:30-8:45am Multi Level
Mon 6:30-7:45pm Easy Vinyasa Flow
Tue 9:15-10:45am Multi Level
Tue 6:30-8:00pm Multi Level
Wed 9:15-10:45am Easy Multi level
Thu 9:15-10:45am Multi Level
Thu 6:30-8:00pm Alignment Based
Fri 9:15-10:45am Multi Level
Sat 8:00-9:30am Multi Level