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Reference Reading Material

The below reading material is provided to supplement the text books and course material used for the Yoga Teacher Training / Yoga Immersion Program.

All Pine Rivers Yoga students are welcome to enjoy this reading material we have sourced from various authors to deepen your practice and understanding. If you are interested in immersing yourself into yoga further, or are interested in our Teacher Training program see further information here.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

 The Nature of Sankalpa

 YJ Health 2638 - Good for You!

YJ Wisdom 1245 - Heroes, Saints, and Sages

YJ Wisdom 2565 - Path to Happiness

YJ Practice 219 – Breathing Lessons

 YJ Wisdom 2595 – A New Look at Yoga

YJ Basic 157 – The Branches of Yoga

 YJ Practice 2870 – Consciousness in Motion

YJ Wisdom 2596 – Aim High

 YJ Practice 2779 – The Space Between

 Judith Hanson Lasater - Ten Sutras

 YJ Practice 214 – Everybody Upside-Down

 YJ For Teachers 2555 – Shouldering the Weight Burden

 YJ Practice 2844 – Healing Breath

 YJ Wisdom 462 – Beginning the Journey

YJ Wisdom 1979 – The Power of Atha

YJ For Teachers 1027 – Protect the Sacroiliac Joints

YJ Practice 2871 – Out of Joint

YJ Practice 2753 – Hip Enough

 A Brief Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita

 Relevance of Bhagavad Gita in Modern Life

 YJ Wisdom – Gunas Three is a Charm

Beyond the Body Workshops-Flo Fenton

 Chart of Effects of Spinal Misalignments

 YJ Wisdom 1141 – The Sound of Om

YJ For Teachers 1288 – Sequences for Your Teaching

YJ Wisdom 2607 – Letter to a New Meditator

Shatkarmas - Cleansing Techniques

Meditation - Dealing with Problems

Patanjali Revisited - A Run Down on the 5 Kleshas

YJ For Teachers 2433 – Silence as a Teaching Tool

AYL - Jala Neti

 YJ Practice 1215 – Emotions in Motion

YJ Wisdom 2616 – Who Do You Think You Are

YJ For Teachers 1033 – Instructing from the Ground Up

 YJ For Teachers 2349 – Opening the Heart

The Cause of Suffering the Kleshas

 YJ For Teachers 2345 - Yoga for Psychological and Emotional Problems

YJ For Teachers 984 – Teaching the yamas in asana class

YJ For Teachers 976 - Teaching the niyamas in asana class

 YJ Practice 2739 – On Solid Ground

 YJ Practice 2814 – Reflections on Peace

 YJ Basics 991 – Restorative Yoga


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