Sound Bath and Yoga Nidra with Sonja Parsonage - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia

Sound Bath and Yoga Nidra with Sonja Parsonage

Give yourself permission to rest in this 2 hour workshop for profound relaxation.

When we become quiet and give the mind a focus, we become tranquil, our muscles relax, our breathing and heart rate slows, our blood pressure decreases, and our brain waves take on characteristic patterns of relaxation. We can amplify these effects with Yoga practices. 

This workshop combines Yoga Nidra meditation with the sound bath experience.

Sonja has recently attended an iRest training retreat with Fuyuko Toyota (certified iRest Yoga Nidra® Senior Trainer) and combines the iRest protocol with sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and tuning forks, gong and crystal singing bowls.

Bring along as many props as you need to get very comfortable. We begin by coming to stillness and connecting to your heartfelt desire, spending time for you to set an intention for the practice. 

We work on cultivating your own unique inner resource of peace and wellbeing that will stay with you. We then use the practice to feel into the body, becoming aware of your breath. With the addition of sound instruments, we welcome emotions, witness thoughts, experience joy and find lasting peace. We end the session with a reflection on the practice.

Our bodies need rest. Our minds need rest. Our hearts need rest. Our relationships need rest. Our creativity needs rest. Our culture needs rest. Our Earth needs rest. - Ashley Neese

About Sonja

Sonja, from Small Steps Yoga, has played classical piano all her life and her daughter is now studying composition at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. "Music has always been a big part of my life."

Sonja is a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner, teacher, and student of Yoga. Currently a registered Level 1 teacher with Yoga Australia and about to complete her 650YTT Master of Biomedical Yoga Therapy, Meditation & Allied Health.

She has a deep respect for the eastern traditions of yoga and meditation and, with a background in science (PhD in biological Sciences), she also understands and can translate, the latest scientific research for yoga and meditation as lifestyle medicine.

"I've recently returned from a specialty training retreat in Music Yoga Therapy and Sound Meditation and I'm excited to share how you might use sound and music in your own practice or in your yoga teaching." Anyone is welcome to enjoy this sound experience.

How to Book

Venue: Pine Rivers Yoga Studio, Cashmere

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