Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (32 hours) - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (32 hours)

Sat 1 - Mon 3 October 2022

Held over 3 days, this course offers a deep dive into the both the mental and physical aspects of this practice, covering physiology, philosophy, sequencing, restorative yoga poses, restorative yoga propping and holding a safe and inclusive space.

Your teachers, Ruth Campbell, Victoria Sutton and Heidi Richards, are passionate about this practice and have been guiding students into a place of peace and relaxation for many years. Their passion for restorative yoga is what has led them to build and develop a restorative yoga teacher training program.  All have trained in the practice of Hatha, Restorative and Mediation teaching, and guided in their restorative teaching practices by Marian Cavanagh and Judith Hanson Lasater.

Your principal supervising trainer is Ruth Campbell, a Registered Senior Teacher and trainer with Yoga Australia.

Ruth is supported by highly experienced Trainers for specific subject areas and also 2 of Pine Rivers Yoga own graduates, Heidi Richards and Victoria Sutton.

Along with the core subjects covered in this course, Ruth’s focus will be on the integration of mindfulness, yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation into restorative yoga.

Ruth has been training students to be yoga teachers and teaching yoga for over 20 years. Along with her many years of Hatha Yoga teaching Ruth is a qualified meditation and restorative yoga teacher qualified in training mindfulness-based stillness meditation techniques.

Ruth has a deep understanding of how yoga can benefit the mind and body of people from all walks of life.

Heidi has been teaching Restorative Yoga classes at Pine Rivers Yoga for the past 3 years.

Through her experiences of teaching restorative yoga practices she has a deepened her awareness and commitment to deep rest and relaxation and the positive effects it has on both mental and physical health.

Heidi will be providing training on the foundations of restorative yoga through the lens of yoga philosophy, therapeutic sequencing & transitions, experiential, hands-on approach to learning the nuances of restorative poses, sequencing, and practicalities of working within the group environment and with individuals, and the boundaries and nuances around sensitive touch & adjustments.

Heidi is a level 2 qualified hatha teacher, she is also a qualified mediation, restorative and yoga nidra teacher, with complimentary skills in yoga psychology and yoga for stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Victoria is a Pine Rivers Yoga Graduate, who has been teaching restorative yoga classes as a primary practice at her studio (Dragonfly Yoga Studio), with her partner for the past 4 years.

She has been in the health and wellbeing industry for over 30 years and is committed to enriching people’s lives through movement, breath and meditation.

Her biomechanical experience of bodies expands beyond the capable and average and her restorative work brings comfort and ease to those with diversity and disability. 

Victoria will be providing training on the pillars of restorative yoga, anatomy and positioning for different contraindications and body types, the importance of props in restorative yoga and propping techniques. She will also teach the key restorative poses and their therapeutic applications.

Victoria is a qualified Hatha teacher, also qualified to teach meditation and pranayama, restorative yoga and is a personal trainer (specialising in rehabilitation and diverse populations). 

Victoria has complimentary learning in the history of healing, human biochemistry, psychology, counselling and behavioural science.

Day 1 – Sat 1 Oct 10am - 5pm

  • What is restorative yoga – pillars of restorative yoga, benefits of restorative yoga
  • Physiology of Relaxation - what happens when the body becomes stressed, autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic, vagus nerve, stress hormones - HPA Axis – cortisol (primary stress hormone)
  • Foundations of Restorative Yoga & Yoga Philosophy – kosha, Vayu’s, Sutra - Sthira & Sukha, Gunas

Day 2 – Sun 2 Oct 8:30am - 5pm

  • Anatomy –integration, inclusion and contraindications
  • Restorative Yoga Poses - key restorative poses and their therapeutic applications and benefits. Head above heart, head below heart, heart equal with head, short hold, medium hold, long hold, therapeutic sequencing & transitions, experiential, hands-on approach to learning the nuances of restorative poses, the adept use of props, sequencing, and practicalities of working within the group environment and with individuals

Day 3 – Mon 3 Oct 9am – 4pm

  • The Practice - Integration of Mindfulness within Restorative Yoga, holding space, Pranayama and meditation (Yoga Nidra) during restorative yoga, sensitive touch & adjustments
  • In Class Practical Assessment - demonstration of poses and holding space

32 hours in total comprising 22 contact hours (3 x training days totaling 19 hours & 2.5 hour restorative session) and 10 non-contact hours (Assessment).

This course is suitable for:

  • Qualified Yoga Teachers who are looking to teach restorative yoga classes
  • Yoga Teacher Trainees who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of a different yoga modality and wanting to offer this as part of their teaching practice
  • Immersion Students who are looking to connect with the benefits and philosophy of restorative yoga

How to Book

$495 plus cost associated in attending a restorative yoga practice

Maximum 12 students.

BYO lunch Saturday & Monday. Catered Lunch Sunday.

Venue: Pine Rivers Yoga Studio, Cashmere

Booking: secure your place with payment via our shop. Please note that Pine Rivers Yoga class passes cannot be substituted. Cancellation Policy.

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