Chair Yoga Workshop - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia

Chair Yoga Workshop

Sunday 20 October 2019 - 10am to Noon

A 2-hour workshop to encourage teachers and students to extend their skills and include chair yoga in their practice and teaching.  
A chair class will be run to highlight the benefits of yoga which can be attractive to students who may have physical limitations or aging changes.  This practise is often used for older students who no longer wish to get up and down from the floor.
Most of the postures that are frequently offered in a floor style class can be translated to "Chair Yoga" and students returning from sickness or injury can benefit from working with a chair.  
Ruth Campbell will present the practise and offer students the opportunity to both participate in, and to lead short sections of a class.  
This workshop is suitable for teachers, trainees and any yoga student who is interested in the benefits of working with the breath, meditation and most of the traditional postures.  It may suit carers of disabled people who would like to offer some variety of movement to the people they look after.  
The mental and physical benefits of chair yoga are widely acknowledged.  Come along and learn some of these skills for yourself!   Ruth has been teaching chair yoga for many years and is trained in this field.  

Venue: Pine Rivers Yoga Studio, Cashmere. All equipment provided.

Booking: secure your place with payment via our shop. Please note that Pine Rivers Yoga class passes cannot be substituted. Cancellation Policy.

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