NEW Class in Petrie starts 18 July (6:30-8pm)! - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia

NEW Class in Petrie starts 18 July (6:30-8pm)!

We are excited to add to our class schedule at Bray Hall in Petrie!

This class will focus on balancing the Energy within and around us.  We often live our lives to a schedule that is not our own and making time for ourselves becomes increasingly difficult.

Melinda, your facilitator, will combine Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga to Energise and Equalise both mind and body.

Both beginners and experienced Yogis are very welcome!

Attendance is via a standard class pass. There is no need to book however we do encourage you to register and pay for a class pass(es) via our shop.

Flexibility Vs Stability - How Much Stretch is Too Much? Sat 26 Oct
Sun 27 Oct
Flo Fenton
Restorative Yoga Sun 3 Nov Heidi and Nancy
Spring Yin Yoga Immersion Sun 10 Nov Jenny Warburton
Restorative Workshop Sun 22 Dec Marian Cavanagh
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