One Day Winter Yin Yoga Workshop - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia

One Day Winter Yin Yoga Workshop

Sunday 17 June 8:30am to 3:30pm

$125 (includes a vegetarian lunch)

Your Yin Yoga Trainer is Jenny Warburton who is passionate about the benefits of Yin Yoga! Jenny will be presenting a full day infusion of rejuvenating and revitalising Yin yoga postures. Her recent trainings with Sarah Powers in Thailand, and Karin Sang and Markus Geiss in New Zealand, will give us the opportunity to learn from the Insight Yoga Institute of Sarah & Ty Powers, as well as the Yin Yoga School of Paul Grilley with an emphasis on the Meridians of Chinese medicine for a Winter Yin Yoga Workshop.  
As we move towards winter, our annual period of cooler weather can result in physical stagnation, foggy fatigue and a sluggish immune system. Winter  is kidney time in traditional Chinese Medicine.  Kidneys govern the water element, and we generally dehydrate in the winter months when homes may be heated and we spend time indoors.  By nourishing our Kidney Essence, we nourish our water element, so a yin practice that focuses on the water element will stimulate the ‘water’ contents of our body increasing the flow of Chi / Prana and blood to bring back the "juiciness in our joints”, restoring the overall sense of vitality to the whole body.   
Our lungs also tend to get neglected at this time of year. The breath may be a little shallower so stagnation and congestion accumulates in the lungs. Our winter Yin practice will  open the chest and encourage the breath to bring ease to the whole body.
The slow-paced meditative Winter Yin Yoga Workshop explores long, deep stretching of connective tissue of the spine, the hips and the pelvis to stimulate and enhance healing, joint mobility and improve flexibility. The long holds in Yin yoga impact the deeper yin tissues allowing for an infusion of blood, prana and chi flow to revitalise the joints, hydrate and soften the tissues and stimulate the organs of the body.
We invite you to come along and join Jenny to experience this profound therapeutic practise for yourself and immediately feel the harmonising of body, mind and soul!

Venue: Pine Rivers Yoga Studio, Cashmere

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