Meditation - Pine Rivers Yoga - Brisbane, Australia


3 consecutive Mondays 25 June to 9 July 2018 6:30pm to 7:45pm with Ruth 

Cost is just one normal class pass per Meditation class. Come to one, two or all three classes.

When we read about the benefits of meditation it's hard to imagine why we would not be doing this practice on a daily basis, and for long enough to notice how we really are able to tune in to ourselves.  
However, many of us THINK we SHOULD be meditating but never quite get round to it! And if we do give it a try on our own it is "oh so easy" to be distracted.  
The founder of the Quest for Life Foundation, Petrea King firmly believes that "Meditation helps us be more skilful at living in the present."
Brain imagery studies show that meditation enables the brain to literally re-wire itself in positive ways. A regular practice helps us to loosen our attachment to our behavioural patterns that may no longer be serving us. Many physical benefits have also been noted leading to a better quality of sleep, a more harmonious nature and a significant reduction in our levels of stress and tension. We may be able to concentrate better, improve our breathing and lessen the feelings of pain. 
So perhaps we should commit to learning some of the techniques that will help us to access the healing qualities of quietening our minds and letting go of our unwanted "mind chatter".
Ruth has designed a 3 session mini course which will allow you to find a natural meditation style to suit you. We will find our own gateways to the mind and enjoy the "quiet practice" of meditation.  
Some simple stretches and a moving meditation will also be included. The popular technique of candle gazing will also be introduced.